Agnès Grimaut-Leprince (ESPE-UBO) & Monique Loquet (Rennes 2)

 The “Institutions and Education Practices” line brings together researches on training and educational practices, that focus specifically on social and institutional contexts. It combines two sub-domains both aiming at developping researches based on didactics and sociological approaches: 

  • The “Knowledge  practices, genesis and diffusion” sub-domain focuses on the scientific study of didactic practices, i.e. learning and teaching effective practices, both from an academic and a non-academic perspective. Its members develop a systemic approach of didactics actions, and more precisely through the Joint Action Theory in Didactics.
  • The “Politic, context and actors” sub-domain brings together projects mainly about the analysis of education policies, their evolutions and the assessment of their impacts. It also focuses on sociology of experience and actors of education’s logics of actions.

Collaborations between both axes for the last five-year cycle have resulted in joint projects (see « opérations de recherche » section presented below) and a cross-subdomain seminar, researchers from one of the subdomains shedding light on the work of researchers from the other subdomain.


Barbara Fontar (université Rennes 2) et Caroline Poisard (ESPE- UBO)

The “Strategies, Instruments and Activity” axis includes a twofold question:

  • one is centred on mutual relations between techniques and activity within education and training environments;
  • the other one focuses on the role of technical artefacts and also  the usage of ICT and socio-technical measures within their own context.

The axis brings together researchers who work on education and training questions through different features (professionalisation, empowerment, ICT usage, media education, academic subjects teaching and learning, adult training, etc.). They take a more particular interest, though not an exclusive one, in the place, role and usage of instruments and socio-technical measures (artefacts, technical tools, resources, etc.).